About CarbGel


CARBGEL ENERGY is a brand of Carbohydrate energy gel. Carbohydrate gels provide energy for exercise and promote recovery, used in endurance although Carbohydrate gels can be useful in a whole range of sports. 

Once consumed, carbohydrates from gels are absorbed into the blood to supply the body with calories and nutrients helping to fuel exercise activity by delaying muscle fatigue, raise blood sugar levels and enhance performance.

Recommended use of CarbGel;

Before – Get ready for your event by taking a CarbGel 15 minutes before start, make sure your water levels are topped up with 150ml of water.

During – To keep your energy at an optimal level consume one CarbGel every 30-35 minutes.  Remember to keep hydrated 400ml – 750ml per hour this will also help the digestive system break down CarbGel giving you maximum power.

After – Helping with recovery it is suggested that consuming one CarbGel within 30 minutes of your workout will help to replace glycogen lost through exercise.

The exact intake of gels can vary with every athlete depending on their metabolism, body weight and fitness level.