Who uses CarbGel

CARBGEL Energy is used by anyone involved in physical sporting activity, from endurance athletes such as Runners, Triathletes, Cyclists to sports including Golf, Walking, Climbing, Ski-ing - as we say.... "You choose the sport, we provide the energy". Below are some profiles of who uses CARBGEL Energy.


David Knowles

Nick Horn

I take part in many challenges to raise money for charity. Last year I did multiple marathons, tri-athlons, fell runs, cycles etc and also ran 13 marathons in 13 days from Newcastle to London and raised over £16k. This year I'm training for the UK Ironman in Bolton. Nutrition is extremely important to fuel my body during these challenges and after trialling many gels I found Carbgel proved to be the best tasting gel on the market...and I tried a lot! It more importantly provided me with the calorie boost I needed to keep me going, as well as the salts / electrolytes to stop me from cramping up. I would highly recommend Carbgel to other challenge lovers. I began competing in Triathlon events about a decade ago. It seemed to me like more of an exciting challenge that just pounding the pavements! I initially developed my interest in triathlon through competing in Sprint and Olympic distance races. Before long I found my ‘special distance’ of Ironman 70.3 and I was hooked. I have competed in many Ironman 70.3 races to date, enjoying particular personal success in Galway, Mallorca and Lanzarote. I am very happy to be an Ambassador for Carbgel and wish them every success with their new venture. Come start line I will be proud to be wearing the Carbgel colours! Have a happy and safe season, Nick.

Chris Atkins

Simon Gould

I don't consider myself a runner just somebody who likes a challenge and who enjoys testing my own limits. I find it hard to balance every day life and being able to cope with time pressures to train for endurance events. Being a contractor and traveling its tough to train especially after long shifts. Carbgel lifts the pressures that come with worrying over what to eat or not to eat during events or training. For me its all about taste something that carbgel have mastered. Great taste whilst giving me everything i need to train after a hard day! I highly recommend Carb Gels for any level of activity, from a pre 5k or gym session, energy/caffeine boost to ultra distances events. Unlike previous gels I have tried, Even after 12 hrs of continuos running I can still get them down, thus getting the necessary energy required. Even more importantly, even at the latter stages of the race I still enjoy the taste, when normally I struggle to eat anything!

Chris Kitchin


Having played football from an early age and managing to play at a very good standard I was always a competitive and sporty person. I had to give football up as I landed my dream job of being a fire fighter. Due to the nature of working shifts I was unable to fully commit to playing Saturday afternoons as well as the regular training sessions. Being the competitive person I am, I was not content on just being a spectator. I was reading a magazine and stumbled across triathlon. The sport caught my attention and I then conducted some research online and came across Ironman. Since that moment I've been addicted to the sport, training and racing.