Team CARBGEL Energy recruits, plus CARBBAR!

Team CARBGEL Energy recruits, plus CARBBAR!
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Introducing some of Team CARBGEL Energy and the all new CARBBAR Energy

Time seems to be flying by here at CARBGEL, the weekly blog always needs written and there is always a deadline on everything.  With the offices busy, fulfilling orders and many people getting in touch about sponsorship or affiliation deals, we really could not be happier.  There is loads going on and with so much interest in the products coming in from all angles, it’s an exciting time here at CARBGEL. 

The development department have been hard at work, working on our new product CARBBAR.  I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying it is going to be a fully organic, natural wholefood bar with no artificial colours additives or preservatives.  An all-round great tasting bar packed with energy delivering ingredients which importantly is also Fairtrade.   I have tried this bar myself in conjunction with CARBGEL whilst training and it is super impressive.

CARBDRINK also looks like it will be here a lot sooner than originally thought.  Designers have been briefed and no doubt creative minds are in full swing.  We have our own ideas about how we imagine the product.  Although for me the most exciting part is letting everyone work independently then bringing all the ideas to the table at one time and creating the new design.  It’s never how you originally planned but that makes it all the more fun.    

This week we have sponsored some local Endurance Athletes;

Simon Gould Ultra Runner

Chris Atkin Ultra Runner

Nicholas Horn Triathlete

David Knowles Ultra Runner / Triathlete

Check out some of their achievements in the Team CARBGEL section of the website, some pretty funny photographs too! 

We are always looking for ordinary people doing extraordinary things, everything is relevant so please don’t be afraid to ask for our support to fulfil your energy needs. 

The season for the outdoors never ends with events going on all of the time; we hope that within a few weeks the CARBENERGY mobile power plant will be out and about at local events helping people with their energy needs.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have an event that you would like to see a dedicated team of enthused individuals add value to your event.

Good luck with your training and have a great week.


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