Hello and welcome to CARBGEL ENERGY

Hello and welcome to CARBGEL ENERGY
Published In: News Created Date: 2014-01-29

CARBGEL is now here, the newest energy gel in the market

It’s been an exciting year for us making the leap to producing a product that we have been working on for over two years.  The last six months have been pretty manic here getting everything put together and ready for our launch.   We are super happy to introduce our carbohydrate gels to the market.

CARBGEL Energy Blackcurrant

CARBGEL Energy Citrus

CARBGEL Energy Cola with Caffeine

There has been a lot of thought and effort gone into the production of a great tasting carbohydrate delivering GEL.  Many hours of training and testing the gels to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the end product.  Iron Man UK, Iron Man Wimbleball and Iron Man Wales were but a few of the events undertaken by the guinea pig yours truly.

2014 is set to be an huge year for CARBGEL.COM we have already sponsored athletes in in the Marathon Des Sable in April, Challenge Roth Long Distance Triathlon Nuremburg in July and the North Downs 100 in August.

It’s been an amazing journey so far and can’t wait to find out what 2014 has in store for us.