Carbgel Taster Pack

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WE know how great CARBGEL Energy is however we need for you to taste it yourself, therefore this Taster Pack allows you to try all our flavours at a great value price. 

Our Taster Pack contains:

3 x Citrus Flavour
3 x Blackcurrant Flavour
2 x Cola (with Caffeine) Flavour

CarbGel Energy gels are designed to deliver energy through easily digestible carbohydrates during exercise.  CarbGel gels have been deliberately designed to work without the need for water making them easy and simple to take and won’t have you reaching for your water bottle! 

One of the major causes of fatigue during exercise is the loss of carbohydrate stores.  Making sure your body is loaded with carbohydrate is known to improve performance.   CarbGel delivers 22.5g of great tasting carbohydrate per gel helping to reduce the onset of fatigue and help to improve your endurance.

CarbGel Energy recommends 1-3 gels per hour delivering 67g of easily digestible carbohydrate.

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